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I am so excited to announce I am releasing a second single "Down Under!"  

My follow-up to "I Love Dolly," (which climbed to #18 on the Australian Country Charts!), is a song entitled, "I Call It Love."  I co-wrote the tune with Brent Rader, an accomplished Nashville musician and singer-songwriter.  Several lines of the song were inspired by my own experiences, like comforting my young daughter in the middle of the night or reflecting on my grandparents' love story.  Love comes in many forms..."Some call it easy, some call it hard, others call it falling right from the start.  For some it's a lifetime, it's not quite long enough.  Call it what you want, but I call it love...."

"I Call It Love" is now available on iTunes, Amazon Music, and any digital download site!!  You can also purchase this song right here from my website!!