It’s difficult to believe that a voice so huge can come from such a petite frame.  But time and again, audience members are astounded with the way Becky’s voice completely fills a room.  It’s the sound of a true performer, one whose goal is to connect with each and every listener.
Born and raised in Paris, Missouri, a young Becky actually sang before she spoke her first words.  Her childhood was filled with singing, and she had a natural feel for showmanship right from the start. Entertaining others has been a constant in her life ever since, whether singing back every TV commercial she would hear, performing in a 6th grade talent show with a song by her musical favorite, Dolly Parton, or eventually cheerleading for the Missouri Tigers in college.  Becky loves to perform, and you feel it the instant she walks on stage.
In the last two years, Becky has made her presence known in Nashville, producing new music with a bevy of talented musicians and songwriters.  Being immersed in the creative community there has brought about tremendous growth both personally and musically – her latest material convincingly presents a new benchmark in her writing and vocal abilities. 
This Show-Me State native is ready to show off…juuuuuust a little.